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Adding alt text for images

The Alt Text image attribute

The alt text attribute is a description of an image that is used when:

  • The image fails to load the alt text is displayed.
  • The visitor is visually impaired, the web browser speaks the alt text value.
  • Search engines also use the value of the alt text attribute to catalogue images on your site.

Alt Text and product images

The small product images in product listings (i.e. category pages) and also the main product image use the product Name field as the alt text value.

Alt Text for images in product descriptions and content

For images in product descriptions and pages content, you can choose the alt text value. To add the alt text:

  1. Select your image in the description, and then click on the Image icon in the WYSIWYG editor.Alternatively, right click on the image and select Image Properties.

  2. On the Image Info tab, populate the Alt Text Field.

  3. Select Ok, and then Save the page.

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