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How do I edit system generated print docs (eg: invoice templates)?

You will need basic HTML skills to edit system generated print docs.

The following system generated print documents can be edited.

  1. orders, invoices and quotes
  2. adjustment notes
  3. shipping labels
  4. item labels
  5. dispatch dockets
  6. drop ship dispatch dockets

To edit the templates in the control panel:

  1. Go to Setup & Tools > all settings & tools in your control panel.
  2. Select System Templates.
  3. Select Document Templates.
  4. Drill down to the template’s filename.
  5. Open the template. It will open in an text editor.
  6. Before you make changes, we recommend to copy the code and save it on your computer. This way, if there is an issue, you can restore the template the it was.

To edit the templates using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

  1. If you don’t have an SFTP login, you can request an account.
  2. Once you login, go to /private/www/netosuite/SysDoc/printdocs/
  3. See the table below to locations of the templates.
  4. It is recommend that you duplicate and keep a back-up copy of the template in case you need to restore it later.

Template Locations

Order/Invoiceorder/invoiceSee _Template Sets_ below
Quoteorder/quoteSee _Template Sets_ below
Adjustment Noterma/adjustmentnoteSee _Template Sets_ below
Item Labelsorder/itemlabel
Dispatch Docketsorder/dispatch_dockets
Drop ship Dispatch Notesorder/dropship_docket
Shipping Labelsorder/addresslabelEach carrier has it’s own label

Template Sets

You can create multiple invoice / quote / rma template sets that can have different branding. To manage the template sets or to see which is the default set, go to Admin > Custom Invoice Template Sets. To find out which template to edit, look for the template set and look in the Template File column. If the value is default, the template filenames with be either template.html or default.template.html. If it is another value, just append .template.html to the value for the filename.

Rules For Editing HTML Template Files:

HTML template files need to be edited in a certain way to maintain formatting when converted to .PDF files and other file formats.

Firstly all styles must be inline. Therefore no external or internal style sheets can be referenced. The following HTML formatting tags can be used in HTML template files.

  • bold
  • strong (usually bold)
  • underlined
  • italics
  • This centers text on the page
  • Font Size – text to change – change ‘x’ value to get different sizes. 1 is small and 7 is big.
  • Colors – I’m red!
  • Font type – Hello there
  • Image -
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