Can I create a default tax / GST setting for my webshop?

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To set up a default tax or GST on your webshop simply follow the steps below.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > All settings & tools.

  2. Under Payments & Tax tab, click on Currency & Tax Settings.

  3. Set your currency and rates settings.

    Default currency symbol - Select the currency symbol from the drop down list. If it is not in the list, select Other and enter the symbol in the field.
    Default currency code - Enter the three-letter code for your currency. For Australia use AUD and New Zealand use NZD. For a compete list of currency codes, check out this article.
    Default country code - The default ISO two character country code of your website. For Australia use AU and New Zealand use NZ. For a compete list of country codes, check out this article.
    Default suburb selector country - The ISO country code of the default country used in the suburb selector. For a compete list of country codes, check out this article.
    Default tax setting for cpanel - Use tax included pricing by default in the control panel.
    Default tax setting for website - Use tax included pricing in store front and on all invoices.
    Default tax rate - Your default tax rate for goods and services.
    Countries included in default tax zone - A list of countries that will be charged your default tax rate. Unselected countries that are will not be charged tax.

  • Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.6