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Data Migration FAQ's

You can order a data migration service from our professional services page.

Can I continue selling on my existing store during migration?

Yes. Your existing store will remain open until you complete our Go Live form to activate your Neto website. We don’t impose any restrictions on when you have to complete the Go Live form by, so you’re welcome to take your time.

What should I expect during my data migration?

  1. While we complete your data migration as soon as we possibly can, the average wait time you’d expect would be between 1-3 weeks. We’ll touch base with you should we require extra time or information, so it’s best to keep an eye on your emails to avoid potential delay.

  2. We’ll send an email to let you know when the migration is finished. We suggest that you check that all of the imported data has come through correctly and let us know of any issues. Have a look at the section below titled ‘What is included in migration?’ so you know what should be there and what you’ll need to manually input.

    NOTE: It’s important to check that your product SKU’s have imported correctly after migration. We may omit spaces or characters like ‘/’. Inconsistent SKU’s mean that sales will not push to your accounting software.

  3. Once the data migration is confirmed, you can go through and alter the design of your store, review your site content and get everything ready for launch.

What should I be doing during migration?

First and foremost, please do not make changes to products, categories or customers during migration as these will be overwritten. You’re more than welcome to log in to the control panel to have a look around and setup your shipping and payment methods though. Here’s some handy documents to help you get started:

  • Neto Launch - a crash course in setting up your Neto store
  • Support Docs - an extensive list of every support article

How do I send my Neto website live?

Once you’re happy with the setup, preview your site and check each page thoroughly. Click all the links, read all of the content and make sure everything appears as it should. You should also place one or two sample orders to ensure the checkout process runs smoothly.

Please remember, that customer orders are not included in your data migration and are billed at $160 per hour if you’d like us to bring them across. If you’re paying for order migration, make sure you do one final import on the day you go live with Neto to bring across any customer orders that have been placed in the interim.

Once you’re all set, click the Launch button on your control panel dashboard and complete the Go Live form.

What is included in Migration?

You’ll see a list of what we do and don’t include in our data migration service below. If there’s anything that you don’t see on this list, feel free to contact us for a quote.

After migration, your store will look different to what it did before. If there’s any design alterations you need to make, you can always use our theme editor to alter the look of your store, or code changes in the control panel.

Migration Includes:


  • Category Names
  • Sub Category Names
  • Category Images
  • Descripitions
  • SEO Meta Description, Page Title & Keywords
  • Existing Category URL

Products Details:

  • Product Price (Cost, RRP, Default Price, different user group pricing)
  • Product Name
  • Product Categories
  • Descriptions
  • Product Images
  • Variations (Size, Colour etc)
  • SKU
  • Brand/Manufacturer
  • Search Keywords
  • Stock levels
  • SEO Meta Description, Page Title & Keywords
  • Existing Product URL
  • Custom fields (may attract additional fees)

Customers Details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Email
  • Phone

Migration Excludes:

  • Customer Passwords
  • Customer Credits/Refunds
  • Orders
  • Multi-level Pricing
  • Blog posts
  • Product Reviews
  • Store Settings
  • Templates, HTML, CSS
  • Site wide discounts/coupons/vouchers
  • Content/Information Pages (eg. About Us, Contact Us etc)

Extra Billable Options (Quoted and billed at $160/h ex gst):

  • Product Reviews
  • Orders
  • Blog Posts

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017