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How do I populate the product categories template?

Download and open our template file category_import_template.csv in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets.

In the template file you will find the following fields:

Field Type Description
Content Type Do not change this column. This must be populated with Product category.
Content Path The order in which the category is mapped or path to the category.
Name The title of the category.
Description 1 Content that can appear above the list of product on the category page.
Description 2 Content that can appear above the list of product on the category page.
Sort Order This is the order in which you want the categories to appear. The higher the value entered, the higher up in the list an item will appear. The sort order field is therefore often referred to as the “priority” field. For example, 99 will appear above 89.
SEO Meta Description Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages. Meta descriptions are commonly used on search engine result pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a given page. It is important to add meta data to your most relevant pages (eg: your home page).
SEO Page Title The title of the page as seen in the browser.
SEO Meta Keywords Meta keywords are ignored by all major search engines. We do not recommend populating this field.

The fields Content Type, Content Path and Name are required. The other fields are optional.

Content Path Examples

Example 1:

If the main or top level category is called Clothing and the sub categories are Mens Clothes and Womens Clothes. The path to Mens Clothes would then be described as:

Example 2:

If the top level category is called Homewares, the sub category is Bakeware and the sub-sub-category is Trays, the path to Trays would then be described as: Homewares > Bakeware

Example 3:

If a category is a top level category, there will not be a path to the category. For example, Clothing would not have a path. This field will remain blank.

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