How do I bulk import item specifics?

You can import the product specifics using the Import Wizard or an import template. You can use our example specifics import template to help you get started.

Specifics are imported as a semicolon separated list format:

[Specific Type 1]:[Specific Value 1];[Specific Type 2]:[Specific Value 2];

If your specific has multiple values from the same time, they need to be pipe ‘|’ separated.

Example: one value for each specific:


Example: adding multiple values to a specific:

Colour:Royal Blue|Black|White|Silver;Size:Small

When importing importing, use the Specifics field to map to the column in your import file.

Are you using a file you've exported from Neto?

When you’re exporting specifics from Neto and re-importing, the above instructions will not work the same way. Instead, you’ll have to map the specifics out as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Last Modified: 17/02/2017 Neto Version: 6.6


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