How do I import product categories from a .CSV file?

You can import product categories using a .CSV file to either create new or update existing categories. This is a simple way to create or update a large number of product categories in minutes.

Your .CSV spreadsheet must be in the correct format for importing into the system.

The following primary fields are available in the import template:
* Content Type (always: product category)
* Parent Content Path
* Name
* Description 1
* Description 2
* Sort Order
* SEO Meta Description
* SEO Meta Title
* SEO Meta Keywords

  1. Download Neto’s sample template and populate the fields accordingly.

  2. Save the completed file as a .CSV (comma separated value) file.

  3. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > Import Data

  4. Select the import type of Product Categories.

  5. Click Perform complex import and select Start Data Import Wizard.

  6. Upload your newly made CSV and follow the steps in the import wizard to complete the import. If you get stuck or need any assistance along the way, we have a full guide on using the import wizard.

    Once uploaded, your product category tree will be updated with the content from your file. Please allow a few minutes for the upload process to complete. If you have problems, you can check the process manager log for issues or errors.

  • Last Modified: 14/03/2017 Neto Version: 6.8