How do I import products on the product list page?

 This article is for Neto version 5.91 or later. Check the version at the bottom left of any control panel page.

To quickly import products from the product list page, go to Products > View All Products in the control panel and click on the Import button (top right). A pop-up window will appear:

Data Import popup


Click on sample CSV template to download a template with popular product fields.

Open the file in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets.

Here is a list of the fields in the template are:

  • SKU - A unique code for each product. It can be up to 25 characters in length and can contain letters, numbers, underscore (_), hyphen (-) and period (.). If the SKU is the same as one on your site, the product details will be updated (except if the Overwrite existing products that have the same SKU option is selected).
  • Parent SKU - If the product is a variation of a parent product (i.e. different colour) you can enter the SKU of the parent product and it will link the product to the parent.
  • Name - This is the product name. It can be up to 140 characters (or 80 characters if you are using eBay).
  • Subtitle - This appears just below the product name on most themes.
  • Brand - Product brand name.
  • Active - Enter Y or N. Enter Y if this product is active. Enter N if you don't want to display on your website or eBay.
  • Approved - Enter Y or N. Enter Y if you want to sell this product on your website. Enter N to hide the product on your website but still sell it on eBay.
  • Virtual - Enter Y or N. Enter Y if you don't want control stock on this product.
  • RRP - Enter the Retail Recommend Price. Leave blank if you don't want to display the RRP.
  • Price (Default) - Enter the price you want to sell the product for on your website.
  • Cost Price - Enter the cost price of the product. This is only for internal reporting and is not requited.
  • Tax Free Item - Enter Y or N. Enter Y if this product is sold without GST or sales tax.
  • Description - Enter the description of the product. This can contains HTML tags.

Once you have entered all the product details you want to import, save the file in the CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.

Click on the Browse or Choose File button and select the CSV file you just created.

If you want to delete the products that match the SKUs in the import file and replace the product details with the details in the import file, check Overwrite existing products that have the same SKU. Warning: This is also remove any other product details not included in the import file for products matching SKUs.

Then click on the Upload File button.

The import file will be uploaded and some checks on the details in the file. If there are some issues, they will be displayed, otherwise, a list of what will be imported will display. If you are happy with the details displayed, click on the Start Import button. You can also click on the Back button to re-upload the file.

The product details will be imported into your site.

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016 Neto Version: 5.91