Importing Orders

You can add order records to your Neto database using the import system.

Go to: Neto Control Panel > Import / Export > Import Wizard and follow the on screen instructions.

The preferred format for importing data using the import wizard is .CSV file format. You can create a .CSV file in Microsoft Excel or any other popular spreadsheet program.

For your convenience, we have created some default Product Templates which you can download here:

Popular Order Fields:

All Order Fields:

Picking Orders

Order picking is part of the process of preparing a customer’s order for dispatch. It is a logistic warehouse operation that involves the process of collecting the necessary products on an order to ship to customers.

In Neto, Pick is the order status that advises your warehouse staff that an order is approved and can be sent to a customer. When an order is ready to be picked, you can print a pick slip for your warehouse.

A Pick Slip is used in a warehouse to pick ordered Items. The Pick Slip contains important information about the product(s) such as the quantity, location and stock levels.

To do this, simply open the order in your Neto Control Panel and select Print Docs > Pick Slip from the Order Quick Action Menu.

When an order is picked, you can then select to Save & Pack Order at the bottom of the page, which will move your order into the Pack Status.

Packing Orders

The Pack Status is a halfway point between Pick and Dispatch. While in Pack, the order is packaged and shipping is arranged.

The Pack Status also allows you to generate shipping consignment labels, ready for the package to be shipped.

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016