How do I setup staff permission groups?

Permission groups allow you to control the level of access that each user has in the Neto backend. You can provide full access, or limit access to specific areas of the backend by modifying these settings. Once your permission groups have been setup, each user can be assigned to the relevant group to modify their access. Groups and user permissions can be updated at any time.The Permission Group Manager page allows administrators to view, create and edit staff user permission levels.

Go to: Admin > Staff User Manager > User Permission Groups

Adding A New Permission Group

To add a new permission group, click the +Add New button in the top right hand corner of the Permission Groups Manager page.
The user access controls are split into the following categories
  • Access Control: This category contains access to the main control panel sections and their subsequent pages.
  • Main Menu: This category controls access to the main menus functions.
  • System Configuration: This category controls access to the System Configuration area located under the Admin area.
  • Widgets: This section controls which widgets and midgets the staff user has access to on the Dashboard page.
  • Control Panel: This section controls which areas of the User Interface will show and the level of access a user has different process levels

Permission Group Details

  1. Enter a title you wish to apply to your group. Example: Admin User, Sales User, Warehouse User.
  2. Enter an optional description for your group.

Granting And Preventing Access

The different tabs and sections in blue control what areas and functionality of the site users will have access to. You will need to navigate to each tab to set the permissions manually.
To grant a staff user access to a particular function click the button in the allow column next the function's name.  The function will be green if it is active.
To prevent a staff user access to a particular function click the button in the deny column next the function's name. The button will turn red if access is denied.

Completing The Process

Remember to save your changes!  Your permission group can now be assigned to a user by navigating to that user's profile and selecting the permission group from the drop down box.  You can view users by navigating to: Admin > Staff User Manager > View All Users

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016