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How do I setup a shipping category?

Shipping categories are only used when there is a need to separate products into different shipping options.

This can be to only permit certain items to be shipped by a specific method or carrier, or to charge a different shipping cost for these items.

This is not necessary for all businesses and most Neto users generally use the default and dangerous goods categories that has been setup.

  1. To create a new shipping category from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > Shipping.

  2. Click on Shipping Categories.

  3. Click the Add New button on the top right hand side.

  4. Enter a Name for the category. This will not display to customers. You can also enter a Internal Description for your reference. This will not display to customers and is optional.

  5. Click on Save.

Linking your shipping categories to your shipping methods

Following on from setting up your categories, you will need to assign these shipping categories on the product level. Before that happens, you will need to assign the categories to the shipping methods you want to use.

Doing this will prevent customers from using methods which are not available with certain couriers.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & Tools > Shipping.

  2. Click on Shipping Methods.

  3. Edit the shipping method(s) you wish to add your category too.

  4. Scroll down to the Shipping Category section and click the green Add Shipping Category button.

  5. In the newly created drop down box, select your new shipping category and the rates you wish to use for that category (if unsure, use the same rates as the other categories) and click Save.

  6. Repeat the process for any other shipping methods.

Linking your products to the shipping categories

Now this is complete, you just need to assign products to this newly created shipping category so that your shipping calculator can recognise that it’s different.

For the purpose of this article, we will show you how it's done individually, however this can be completed in bulk using Neto's import wizard as well.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Products > View Products.

  2. Edit the product you wish to change.

  3. Scroll down to the Shipping tab and select the Shipping Category you wish to use and click Save.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 6.5