Overview and Setup of Sendle

Sendle is an award-winning courier service helping Australian businesses thrive with delivery that is simple, reliable and affordable. Sendle has no contracts or minimum order quantities so you can start shipping immediately.

Sendle is fully-integrated with Neto, providing a low cost, flat-rate shipping service for your Neto store.

All your shipping and billing is via your Neto account on a weekly basis. As a Neto customer, you get a free Sendle Premium account upgrade saving you up to $1 on every parcel. Pro rates start from $5.98.

Don’t let shipping prices kill your sales, enjoy tiered flat rate pricing with Sendle and sell with confidence.

Important Note: Sendle is only available to Neto customers on v6.5 or later.
  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Shipping > Add new matrix.

  2. Click the Setup Sendle button.

  3. Select from Sendle Premium Plan or Sendle Pro.
    There are minimum requirements for Sendle Pro which is approved on a case-by-case basis. If you're sending a significant number of parcels every month, it's worth enquiring about this plan.

  4. Follow the steps and add your email address and credit card information for weekly billing.

  5. Agree to the Dangerous goods declaration and terms & conditions.

  6. Confirm the address and contact details of each warehouse where products will be picked up from.

  7. Press Complete setup button.

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016 Neto Version: 6.5