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Sendle FAQ


What is Sendle?

Sendle unlocks the power of big business delivery networks for everyone. With low, flat rates, door-to-door service to 17,000 Australian suburbs and towns, easy online ordering and tracking and support staff who are always happy to hear from you.

Sendle saves time and money and puts small businesses in control.

Their key differentiators are:

What are the Sendle rates?

Sendle has flat, national pricing which makes things simple. You can get a quote for a single parcel on
your Sendle dashboard, or view general pricing information here.

As an overview, Sendle has three pricing tiers: same-city, national and remote. Within these tiers,
Sendle offers flat-rates for deliveries.

Customers who sign up to Sendle through Neto automatically qualify for the Premium plan for free (waiving the traditional $10/month fee). If you are a high-volume customer, you may be eligible for even better discounts on the Pro plan.

Does Sendle pickup my items?

There are no minimum orders required for this service.

When you book a delivery with Sendle, it automatically picks the next available day to pickup between 9am-5pm.

For more information on pickups, and how it all works, please see Sendle’s FAQ.

Where do I add pickup instructions?

Pickup instructions help the courier who comes to collect the orders know where to retrieve them. To configure pickup instructions navigate to Setup & Tools > All Settings & Tools and search for Carriers & Labels. Select the Sendle carrier and on the Carrier and Account Details tab enter your Pickup Instructions and Save .

What’s the maximum size/dimensions for Sendle?

Sendle has 5 sizes available. These range from an A4/500g satchel, to a 25kg/100L parcel.

Each of the 5 sizes has a weight and volume limit. It is easy to choose the right size using the
dimensions and weight of your parcels.

Size Maximums:
1. The longest side can be 1.2m (120cm).
2. The largest size available is 100L.
3. The heaviest weight available is 25kg.


Sendle includes insurance for loss on all eligible parcels for no extra charge.

To see what’s covered and eligibility requirements, see Sendle’s FAQ for more information.

Dangerous Goods

You cannot send dangerous goods through Sendle. See the “What you cannot Sendle” article for more information.


Sendle's couriers will leave a card for the customer to arrange for a delivery at a later date/time. See Sendle’s article on re-deliveries for policies and procedures.

Do I need the Neto Shipping Add-on to access Sendle?

You are able to access Sendle without enabling the Neto Shipping add-on.

Can I use both Sendle and Neto Shipping and all of my shipping options appear together?

Yes, you can use both Sendle and Neto Shipping, in fact we encourage it, especially if you have products over 25kg or wish to provide you customers with services not currently supported by Sendle (see below for further information)

Does the Sendle Matrix / rates auto populate when you turn it on?

Yes, turning on Sendle will automatically create the relevant shipping matrix and Sendle will immediately appear in you list of shipping options - no more work required. Sendle rates are calculated through via the Sendle API, so whilst they won't appear on the matrix, you can view them on the Sendle website.

Does Sendle do Express, Overnight or Same Day Delivery?

Sendle do not offer Express, Overnight or Same Day Delivery. Deliveries are picked up the next day after they are booked. For more information on estimated delivery timeframes see the Sendle Website

What are the pick up and delivery zones for Sendle?

Pick up and delivery zone information is available from the Sendle website.

Are Sendle packages trackable?

Yes, all Sendle packages are trackable by the Sendle dashboard or using the
tracking URL: tracking number here)

Does Sendle support international shipping?

Currently Sendle only supports Australian domestic shipping. Please contact Sendle regarding future expansions internationally.

Can I send multiple cartons via Sendle?

Yes you can send a consignment with multiple cartons via Sendle. Each carton will need its own label though.

Do I need to send a manifest for shipping with Sendle?

No. There is no need to submit manifests to the courier with Sendle.

Can I get signature on delivery and does it cost extra?

Signature on delivery comes as a free optional extra except for 500g satchels. If you need a signature on delivery, the price will be automatically bumped up to 2kg shoebox size pricing.

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