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Creating and printing consignment labels

Neto Ship allows you to Print and Manifest your shipping labels directly from orders in Neto, with no need to export to or use third party applications. Print to laser or thermal printers.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Sales Orders > Pack (orders must be in this status to create consignments).

  2. Edit the order you wish to create the consignment for.

  3. Scroll down to the Shipping Consignments section.

  4. Here you can choose to Auto Generate Shipping Consignment or Manually Add Shipping Consignment.

    An Automatically Generated Consignment will use your pre-defined settings to automatically generate a consignment based on the products ordered and the shipping method selected by the customer.

    A Manually Generated Consignment gives you the freedom to manually define the shipping method used.

    This can be especially useful when a customer has chosen Standard Shipping but you have decided to send their order via Express Shipping.

    After creating a consignment you can add or edit the shipping articles under that consignment. This includes editing the dimensions and weight of each article. Each article will generate a label.

    Click Create Consignment & Dispatch to generate consignment labels and mark the order as dispatched or click Save Changes to create consignments without changing the order status.

  5. Once you have generated your Shipping Labels, printing them is easy. Underneath your newly generated Label, click the “Print Shipping Consignment”.

  6. You will be taken to your Browser’s Printing Dialog, press Print.

If you haven't already done so, see our article on setting up your thermal label printer if you are having problems printing.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 6.6