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How can I manually add tracking numbers to my orders?

Adding manual tracking numbers is important to businesses that use traditional shipping methods or carriers that do not integrate with Neto. An example would be using regular Australia Post with stamps and prepaid satchels.

  1. To add a tracking number from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Sales Orders > View Orders

  2. Find and edit the order you wish to change.

  3. The order has to be in either Pack or Dispatch status before you can add a consignment.

  4. Scroll down to the consignment section and click Manually Add Shipping Consignment.

  5. Select a Shipping Service from the drop down menu. This tells the customer which service has been used to ship their goods.

  6. You now have the option to add information, such as articles/package sizes, dimensions (optional fields), or simply just add the tracking number (mandatory fields). We recommend filling out the optional fields so you can track your internal shipping costs (which you can see by navigating to Reports > Profit By Order).

  7. Once saved, you can manually email the customer their tracking number by pressing the email icon.

This is an example of how a 500g satchel with tracking number was created:

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Last Modified: 29/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.5