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eParcel International Setup

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This support article requires the Neto Ship addon from Neto’s Addon Store.

Setting up eParcel International as a shipping method is a manual process based on the rates provided to you from Australia Post.

Shipping Zones

Zones for eParcel Internation come pre-installed in Neto. They are under the name AP International, and the rates provided to you will match these zones accordingly.

Preparing your data

eParcel International will provide your rates in a PDF which isn’t able to be imported into Neto. Rather than transpose it into a spreadsheet and import, it is quicker to populate the rates through the shipping wizard.

Create the shipping method

eParcel International shipping is best created through the shipping wizard.:

  1. From the Neto Dashboard navigate to Shipping > Add New Matrix.

  2. Select Add Custom Matrix.

  3. Under Set My Own Rates select Weight Or Size (Cubic) Of Order.

  4. Select Preset Carrier Zones.

  5. Under Courier select AP International, and under Zone choose Add All Zones For This Courier. Once zones 1 to 8 are added on the right hand side move on to the Next Step.

  6. You now need to transpose the rate data from the spreadsheet into the fields provided, depending on which service you’re setting up. In this example, we’re setting up Airmail.

  7. eParcel International has weight limits on its services. With Airmail, there’s two bands of rates, for packages under 2kg, and packages over 2kg up to 20kg. Enter this information into the weight range, adding a new band if necessary.

  8. In the Override Zones dropdown box, select each zone so they’re added to the rate table. Do this for all weight bands.

  9. Now enter the rates from the PDF into the zones for all weight bands. Thye Per Item Plus charge needs to go into the 1st Parcel Override and Per Subsequent Parcel Override. Enter the Per KG rate into the Per Kg Override fields and delete the values in Delivery Time Override.

  10. Enter a Name and Description for your method, then move on to the Next Step.

  11. Configure pricing discounts based on the order total if desired (optional) and move on the Next Step.

  12. Review the details and Complete Setup. At this stage it is highly recommended that you test the shipping method to ensure accurate costs are returned.

  13. Complete the Shipping Carrier Label Setup form and Neto staff will configure your labels as a free service.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.9