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Flat rate shipping


Offering flat rate shipping refers to a flat cost to the customer, regardless of the value or size of the order.

1. Setup Shipping Rate

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & tools > Shipping.

  2. Click on Shipping Services & Rates

  3. Click Add New button on the top right hand side.

  4. Enter a name for service, set the Status to Active and next to Charge Type select Flat Rate.

  5. You can also enter the link to the tracking page on the carrier’s website. If entered, it will be sent to the customer when the order is marked despatched so they can track their order.

    Click on the Save button.

  6. Select the shipping zones that you want this flat rate to aplly to. If you want the flat rate to apply Australia wide, select Australia and click on the Add Zones button.

  7. Then enter the flat rate amount in the 1st Parcel column. If you would like to charge an additional rate for additional items, you can place this cost in the Per Subsequent Parcel field.

    Click on the Save & Close button complete the Service and Rates Table.

2. Configure Your Labeling & Carrier Information

If you are using an integrated carrier, we will assist you to configure your integrated labels and manifests as part of the setup process.

You will need to complete the shipping carrier setup form for each of the carriers you wish to use.

You will also need to have your shipping methods setup for each carrier before the integration can be completed, as this is what the carrier integration is linked to.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & tools > Shipping.

  2. Click on Carrier & Labels, click on Add New button. If you are not using an integrated carrier, you can use a “generic carrier” by clicking on Universal option.

  3. If you will be printing shipping labels, scroll down to Return Address Shown on Labels and enter your return address details. If your return address details change or need to be updated, you can edit these on the shipping label.

  4. Then scroll down to Shipping Services and select the Service and Rates Table you just created. Click on Save & Close.

3. Setup a Shipping Method

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Setup & tools > Shipping.

  2. Click on Shipping Methods.

  3. Click on the Add New button and select Add new method.

  4. Choose a Name for the method, set the Status to Active and select that it is visible to the customer and staff. If the carrier cannot deliver to PO boxes, set Can Deliver to PO Box to No.

  5. Scroll down to Map Your Shipping Categories to Shipping Services tab. Click on Add Shipping Category button then select a shipping category from the first drop down, and map this to the shipping rate setup. Repeat for any other shipping categories that you want to link to this shipping method.

  6. We recommend selecting This method only applies to products in the categories defined above to ensure other product categories are not affected by this change.

  7. Click on the Save & Close button.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.6