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Free Shipping Setup

Free shipping is a great incentive to attract buyers to your store. To setup a free shipping service:

  1. From the Neto Dashboard navigate to Shipping and select Add New Matrix.

  2. Select Add Custom Matrix.

  3. Select Flat rate per order (based on qty or value of order)

  4. Select Flat Rate.

  5. You now need to decide what areas should receive the Free Shipping option. For example, selecting Australia Wide will let anyone shipping in Australia select the option. Alternatively, to only offer it for certain zones (e.g. capital cities), select Preset Carrier Zones.

  6. If you chose Australia Wide in step 5, the zone for Australia will already be loaded.

    If you want to only offer free shipping to certain locations, the Australia Post eParcel zones are pre-loaded into Neto and provide a good breakdown of different areas of the country. Select Australia Post eParcel, and choose your locations. For example, to offer free shipping to capital cities, select the appropriate metro locations, and move on to the Next Step.

  7. Because you want the shipping to be free, leave the Rates And Charges as $0, and move on to the Next Step.

  8. Rename your shipping method Free Shipping or similar, and add a description that customers can see. Se the availability to PO Boxes as well, then move on to the Next Step.

  9. Skip the Special Pricing Rules, as your method is already free you can move on to the Next Step.

  10. Review the settings, and click Complete Setup.

  11. You can also change the wording of the free shipping text customers see when they select the shipping method. You can change this by navigating to Setup & Tools > All settings & tools. Click the Web Store tab and click Checkout Settings.

  12. Click on the Shipping Rules tab and here you have the option to turn off certain features at the checkout, set your default shipping options and free shipping text.

Your free shipping method will now be created for all shipping categories. If you want free shipping to only apply to certain products, you can edit the method and set a Maximum Weight, remove Shipping Categories, or turn off certain user groups.

Alternatively, you can create a new Shipping Category which includes the free shipping method (along with your other services) and apply it to your products. Don’t forget to unlink your free shipping method from the default and dangerous goods methods if you go this route.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.10