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Shipping Wizard Manual Rates Setup

  1. From the Neto Control Panel, select Shipping > Add new matrix.

  2. This will take you to the Add New Shipping Matrix page. For this example,, select Flat rate per order (based on qty or value of order) from the Set My Own Rates section.

    Weight or size (cubic) of order, Flat rate per order (based on qty or value of order) and Fixed rate for each product in catalogue all share the same concepts when configuring through the Shipping Wizard Tool.

  3. Select a Flat Rate Per Order charge type. For the purpose of this example, select Flat Rate.

  4. The Shipping Zones sections allows you to specify what zones you would like to setup pricing for. For this example, we will use some default Zones that are already entered into Neto.

    Please Note: Shipping Carriers can and will update their Shipping Zones from time to time. It is important to have a close relationship with your Shipping Carrier Account Manager so you can be notified of any changes to your services as soon as possible. This will allow you to modify your Shipping Zones and Rates in Neto so you don't loose out on any potential savings made by the changes.

  5. The Shipping Zone Details section allows you to select the Shipping Zones you would like to create pricing for. Select a Courier and add the relevant Shipping Zones you ship to. Click Next.

    TIP: You can add all zones or only some zones, this is completely up to you and your requirements.

  6. The Rates and Charges section allows you to set specific rates for your selected zones from the previous step. Enter your charges and click Next.

    The first configuration allows you to set a global charge for all your select zones. The second configuration allows you to add Override Zones, giving you the ability specify individual charges based on specific zones.

  7. The Naming and Availability allows you to Name and Describe your Shipping Methods. These Names and Descriptions will be visible to your customers on your Web Store. Name your Shipping Methods and add some Descriptions and click Next.

    Neto will try to automatically Name your Shipping Methods, but won't always get it right. Spend some time thinking about how you want these options to display to your customers. Too little information or too much information may scare off prospective buyers. Check some of your favourite online stores to see what they are doing.

    This section also allows you to set two very important factors:

    • Is this method available to your web store, or only to your staff using the Neto Control Panel
    • Is this method available to be shipped to PO boxes.

    Set these options and click Next.

  8. The Special Pricing Rules section allows you to override the calculated shipping price with pricing rules. Set your Special Pricing Rules and click Next.

    Eg: Set "Free" shipping when an order subtotal is greater than "x".

  9. Finally you will be presented with the Overview section which provides you with and overview of all the Methods you will be creating. Click Complete Setup.

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Last Modified: 25/05/2018 Neto Version: 6.3