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Shipping Manifest Overview

This article requires the Neto Ship module from the Addon store.

A manifest is a document that is made up of one or more shipping consignments. The manifest contains information that is used by the carrier to invoice you for freight services, and also to track the delivery of consignments. Manifests are automatically created for a carrier when a relevant consignment is generate for an order.

You should only submit your manifest after the goods have been accepted by the carrier. Submitting a manifest is not a method of alerting the carrier that a pick up is required, so you will still need to book pickups in your usual manner.

For Sendle customers, you are not required to submit a manifest.

To submit a manifest, simply navigate to Sales Orders > Manifests & Consignments. Click on the carrier you wish to make a submission on to edit the manifest. Click the Submit to carrier button and it will be emailed.

It’s recommended printing out a hard copy of the manifest as well so your carrier can confirm everything on the booking.

Can I lock a shipping manifest to prevent additional consignments being added to it?

You can lock a manifest to prevent new consignments been added. A new manifest will be created for any consignments created after a manifest is locked. This feature is useful in the instance that you pack orders in advance of them being picked up by the carrier.

  1. To lock a manifest from the Neto dashboard, navigate to Sales Orders > Manifests & Consignments.

  2. Click on the manifest you wish to edit and click the Lock Manifest button.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.10