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Neto Advanced Inventory FAQ's

How will FTP product imports of stock affect the stock on hand figure?
Stock won’t change from ftp imports, only purchase orders or stock adjustments will be able to change the stock level.

How do you process a stock return to a supplier?
Neto advanced inventory does not currently have the ability to process a stock return to a supplier. Reduce the stock level with a stock adjustment instead.

How does one edit a purchase order that has been marked as “received”.
Once received a purchase order cannot be edited or reopened. The stock needs to be changed through a stock adjustment referencing the purchase order for accounting purposes.

Which account systems work with Neto Advanced Inventory?
Currently Xero is supported, with MYOB Live integration planned.

Purchase orders aren’t appearing in Xero
Ensure that the Export Purchase Orders task is turned on in your Xero integration (Xero > Tasks).

When creating a Purchase Order, no Supply Price is populating.
Cost price on your product not set.

Quantity in stock does not reflect warehouse qty minus quantity committed.
Recalculate stock levels from Stock Control > Stock Adjustment > Recalculate Stock

Incoming quantity not appearing when creating purchase orders.
It’s likely that the incoming qty was already there before Neto Inventory was turned on. Since it is not linked to a purchase order, the figure will remain on that product. This includes purchase orders in other inventory programs.

How do I transfer stock between warehouses?
Stock Transfers are still being built, however you can use the following method to achieve simple transfers between warehouses.
1. Create a negative stock adjustment for the sending warehouse.
2. Create a positive stock adjustment for the receiving warehouse.

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Last Modified: 16/11/2017 Neto Version: 6.9