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Stock Adjustment

 This article requires the Advanced Inventory addon to be installed. If you are not using Advanced Inventory, please refer to the standard instructions.

What is a Stock Adjustment?

A stock adjustment is used to adjust stock for any number of reasons such as write-offs, stock-takes, donations etc. You can also adjust the value of a product via Stock Adjustments page.

Creating a stock adjustment

  1. From the Neto Dashboard, select Stock Control > Stock Adjustment.

  2. From the Stock Adjustments page click Add.

  3. Select the warehouse you wish to create a stock adjustment for, and the reason for the adjustment.

  4. Next add product to your Stock Adjustment by typing or scanning the product SKU/Name or UPC. Continue to do this for all the products that you would like to add to your Stock Adjustment

  5. You can adjust quantity and prices on each stock adjustments lines. As you adjust the stock, the Line Adjustment Values and Total Adjustment Values will calculate.

    It’s important to remember the following:

    • Cost prices will default to that products ACOG (Average Cost of Goods).

    • The quantity change will default to 1 and cannot equal 0.

    • Stock adjustments cannot be changed once they have been saved.

  6. Add a comment to the Stocktake for future reference. Click Save.

Creating a Stock Transfer

Please Note: Stock Transfers are still being built, however you can use the following method to achieve simple transfers between warehouses.

  1. Create a negative stock adjustment for the sending warehouse.
  2. Create a positive stock adjustment for the receiving warehouse.

Revaluing Stocking

You can also use Stock Adjustments to revalue your stock.

  1. Create a new Stock Adjustment.
  2. Add your products.
  3. Enter a negative value for the SOH (Stock On Hand) at ACOG (Average Cost of Goods)
  4. Enter a positive value for the SOH (Stock On Hand) and a new ACOG (Average Cost of Goods)

Creating a Stock Adjustment from the Product Page

  1. From the Neto dashboard, select Products > View products

  2. Filter your product selection to the products that you would like to Stock Adjustment, bulk select products and click “With selected > Add to new Stock Adjustment

  3. This will load the create Stock Adjustment page with the products you have selected pre-populated.

  4. Once you hit save, the Stock Adjustment will be actioned and Stock/ACOG changes applied.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017