What are some of the popular b2b / wholesale features of Neto?

Can I have different pricing groups for different customers? 
Yes. You can set up as many different pricing groups as you prefer for your different customer bases (website, wholesale, eBay, etc) and for your different customer tiers (new customer, valued customer, preferred customer, etc).

Can I have different invoice formats for different customers?
Yes. You must first create custom invoice formats. You will then be given the opportunity to choose the invoice format that is used for a particular customer or order.

Can customers have payment terms or credit?
Yes. Payment or invoice terms are automatically pre-populated based on the customers default terms, or if the customer does not have default terms, the system default terms will be populated.

Payment terms available:
1. Pre-paid
2. Cash on delivery (cod)
3. Due on invoice 
4. Due at end of month
5. Due “x” days from date of invoice
6. Due on “x” day of month
7. Due “x” days after EOM
8. Due on “x” of month after EOM

You may add any extra customer terms you require.

Can I quote through Neto and can I save the quotes?
Yes. You can quote a customer order/quote creation page. Orders and quotes are only saved and created when you click on the “save” buttons at the bottom of the page. If you do not click on any of these buttons your changes will be lost. A new, unique order id is created once it is saved. This unique id becomes the invoice number once the order is changed to an invoice.

Can customers pay their outstanding invoices online?
Yes. Customers can pay their outstanding invoices by credit card from within their account on your website front end. When they log in they will see a list of all orders with an amount outstanding and the option to pay the outstanding amount by credit card. This is ideal for businesses that sell to customers on terms (i.e. Net 30). To use this feature you must have an active credit card merchant facility/ gateway installed.

Can I set up a recurring billing schedule?
Yes. A recurring billing schedule can be applied to an order to automatically debit a customer’s credit or debit cards based on a predefined set of rules. In order to use this system you must first have a triggered payment facility with a supported third party gateway such as securepay or eway.

Can I set up automatic payment reminders?
Yes. The system has the capability to send automatic payment reminders to customers who have outstanding invoices. By default, the system can send up to 3 payment reminders per invoice.

Can Neto record purchase order numbers?
Yes. In business to business type scenarios, customers sometimes supply a purchase order number with their order. You can enter the PO number against the customer’s order in Neto so that it appears on the customers invoice for their own tracking purposes.

Can Neto support drop shipping?
Yes. Neto supports businesses that act as drop shippers as well as those who drop ship through the Import/ Export Wizard. You just need to set up the import or export templates, set a schedule and away it goes. 

You can use the data import wizard to import:

  • Products
  • Orders and Payments
  • Order Shipping Tracking Information
  • Customers
  • Product Categories

Advanced data import templates are ideally used for:

  • Importing products at scheduled times from a supplier
  • Importing orders from 3rd party websites at scheduled times
  • Importing inventory /order updates / tracking updates from warehouse systems, accounting systems or 3rd party logistics providers


  • Last Modified: 29/10/2015