What is bandwidth and how can I keep it under control?

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the term used to quantify the amount of data that is transferred from your web hosting account to the end users / visitors device. This can be both human visitor, robot and API or data feed traffic (traffic to and from comparison shopping websites,eBay and other 3rd party services). It's usually measured over a period of time such as a month.

Web hosting companies themselves pay their ISP's a fee based on the amount of traffic they consume and this in turn is then passed to their web hosting users as part of the package price. If an excess amount of bandwidth is used over and above the package allocation then an excess usage charge will be levied.

What can cause my bandwidth to increase?

The most obvious cause of an increase in bandwidth usage is an increase in website traffic. This includes both human and bot traffic. If you sell through eBay or comparison shopping websites then the transfer of data between your website and these websites will also increase your bandwidth usage.

How do I keep my bandwidth usage under control?

We often see customers upload pages with large images, these consume a lot of bandwidth to download and also are slow to download, this results in a higher than desirable bounce rate for your web pages as visitors get frustrated with the time to download and click away from your pages. The document How do I optimise the images on my website? explains how to optimise the images on your site and reduce your bandwidth usage.

If you have videos on your site, consider hosting them on services such as YouTube or Vimeo as these are specialised services, you can include the video on your page, by using their embed html code. This transfers the load away from your website, and therefore saves the bandwidth which would otherwise have been used.

What is my bandwidth allocation?

The bandwidth / traffic to your site is included in the data transfer allowance for your monthly plan. View plan allocation here: www.neto.com.au/pricing

What happens if I go over?

You will receive alerts at 50%, 75% and 100% usage, so you are always informed.

Excess data is chaged at $2/GB excl GST (as at 1st August 2015). If you have any questions about your account, or wish to discuss your further, you can email accounts@neto.com.au.


IMPORTANT: Neto does not limit traffic or speeds regardless of data usage so your customers will have the shopping experience they deserve. See terms of service for more information.

* Please note, this pricing is correct at time of publication but may be subject to change.

  • Last Modified: 19/08/2016 Neto Version: 5.83