What types of documents can be printed for an order?

By default the following document types can be printed for an order:
  • Order (prior to an order being invoiced, the system will print an order)
  • Invoice (after an order is invoiced, the system will print an invoice to tax purposes)
  • Quote (when an order is in the status "quote", the system will print a quote)
  • Picking Slip (a list of products that need to be picked by the warehouse staff)
  • Dispatch Docket (a list of products being dispatched)
  • Item barcode labels (barcoded labels for each product on the order)
You can also create your own custom print docs outside of the system defaults. Once created these documents will appear under the "print" button on the orders screen. Creating custom print docs requires html skills and FTP access to the SysDocs directory of your Neto server.

  • Last Modified: 29/10/2015