When does Neto send out invoices / charge it's fees?

When does Neto charge it's fees?

Your monthly hosting charges are invoiced on the first of the month, in advance for the month ahead.  

Transaction, eBay and and Bandwidth services fees are all calculated and invoices in arrears for the previous month.  These are typically invoiced within the first few business days of the month.

Ad hoc design, training and support charges are calculated and invoiced in arrears.  These billing reports are based on staff timesheets, and are typically invoiced each Monday for the previous week.  

If you have any questions about Neto fees, please contact accounts@neto.com.au.  

How do I pay my Neto account?

Automatic Credit Card Billing:  
We can take the hassle out of billing for you.  We are able to securely store your card information, and automatically draw payments from the stored card.  Please contact Neto on  1300 730 300  to setup automatically billing.  

Bank Deposit:
Our bank account details can be found on the bottom right corner of your invoice.  Please use the invoice number or your company name as an reference when paying by direct deposit.  

Manual Credit Card Processing:
You can pay over the phone by credit card, or login to your Neto account to pay securely online.  If you require assistance accessing your account, please contact accounts@neto.com.au.

  • Last Modified: 29/10/2015