Shipping your orders with Australia Post has never been easier

Streamline your product distribution with Neto and eParcel

Ship orders to your customers on time, every time by teaming your Neto store with eParcel.

The way our ecommerce solutions integrate Australia Post, means more efficient completion and forwarding of online orders.

Neto ecommerce platform integrates with Australia Post eParcel

Using the Neto ecommerce platform in conjunction with Australia Post eParcel, you can now:

  • Support of multiple carriers for a single order
  • Create of pre-defined carton sizes and types for automated shipping label generation
  • Track the location of your orders and better oversee your consignments

Our eParcel integration is just one aspect of Neto’s complete ecommerce content management system that is designed to operate seamlessly with Australia Post and allows for address validation, order notes and much more.

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