Features built specifically for the wholesale industry

Customer groups

Classify your customers into groups. Assign different pricing rules and content access privileges to each group.

Wholesale registration form

Online wholesale registration form with a built-in approval process. Automatically assign wholesale registrants to a specific customer group.

Multi-level pricing

Charge different pricing based on the quantity purchased of each product. Ideal for volume/bulk discounts.

Credit limits and invoice terms

Set up credit limits and invoice terms, allowing your most trusted customers to buy on account and pay later.

Login to view pricing/content

Limit pricing and other sensitive areas of your website to logged-in users.

Dropship on behalf of your customers

Ship directly on behalf of your own customers. Replace your logo with their logo on dispatch dockets automatically and provide them with up to date .CSV or .XML product and price lists.

Custom invoice/order templates

Assign different invoice/order templates to different customers, allowing you to control the content and layout of emailed and printed documents per customer.

Customer specific discounts

Set up customer-specific discounts. Apply a set percentage discount to their entire account, or set up rule-based discounts.


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