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Using a shopping cart builder makes it easy to create a hub for your online business, where customers can browse, select, order, pay for, and arrange delivery for your products and services.

This used to be an expensive and laborious process requiring the services of skilled ecommerce website specialists.

The advance of technology now means that you can create your online store yourself, even without any prior programming or design experience.

Our online shopping cart builder allows you to choose your required design and features from a selection of shopping cart templates: you get a customised store by selecting the most suitable template with the features you need. This makes it well-suited to small and medium sized businesses that need a functional store to get their products and services in the marketplace and selling as soon as possible.

Benefits of Using a Shopping Cart Builder

The Neto shopping cart builder acts not only as an online store but as a complete CMS system:

  • 100% customisable templates to select from
  • Unlimited number of product categories and subcategories
  • Flexible categorisation – assign products to any number of categories on the fly
  • Easy integration with existing designs or themes
  • All templates can be edited easily in plain HTML
  • All website menus managed easily
  • Unlimited number of content pages can be created
  • Articles and buying guides can be created and assigned to relevant product categories
  • Custom contact forms for different recipients
  • All templates are search engine-friendly
  • SEO for all content pages can be managed individually
  • Company blog with RSS feed, ratings and comments can be developed
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG content editor with built-in image and file upload tool
  • Different design templates can be assigned to individual category, content, article, buying guide, blog pages and more

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