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Neto is designed to help Australians sell their products on their terms. We offer unparalleled flexibility and usability, with all-in-one, fully-functional platform. Our users love our straight-forward CMS, which gives everyone the power to create their own powerful eCommerce website.

How Neto stacks up against Shopify and Magento


Two other major players in the eCommerce website industry are Shopify and Magento. Their CMS solutions have set the standard across the industry and are the companies to beat. Our product tackles them head-on and surpasses them in a number of ways.

Neto Shopify Magento
Made in Australia
Australian support
Easy content insertion
Optimised eBay stock management
Efficient courier management
Mobile order processing
Multiple payment support including BPay
Inventory sync for online/offline sales

We Are Home-Grown


We take pride in being an Australian solution to help Australian businesses succeed.

Made for Australia

Neto is made in Australia by people who understand the unique operating environment of this country. We have created a system that reaches out to small, medium and large businesses alike, with scalable services and functionality.

Australia connected
Aussie Support

Our support team is based in Australia and ready to help on your own terms. We offer comprehensive assistance to all our customers, helping them solve and avoid problems by being just a quick phone call away.

Advanced Functionality


Our platform works because it was designed to solve the problems we were encountering when developing our own eCommerce store. We knew that we could help other businesses grow and succeed and so the Neto platform was born.

Build your online shop

We provide the flexibility to include extensive amounts of content, with templates that allow you all the space you need to include the important details and calls to action.

Sell through multiple channels

Neto incorporates eBay stock management seamlessly, making it easy to sell your products across multiple channels.

Streamline your operations

Our easy label-printing functionality makes it simple to get your customer’s orders to the right address, and our courier-management integration ensures they receive them quickly.

How we stack up to the rest


Other eCommerce providers offer simple interfaces with limited functionality. Competitors such as 1ShoppingCart, 3Dcart, Ashop Commerce, Big Commerce, Channel Advisor, CoreCommerce, Fortune3, Gate13, GoEmerchant, Interspire, Pinnacle Cart, Precisionweb, Prostores, and Quick Shopping don’t provide the same level of support and design as the Neto platform.

We allow you to make your online store truly unique, with fully-customisable templates and a range of integration options to make selling your products to the world easier.

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