A fully-integrated CRM for your ecommerce businesses

Manage and develop customer relationships with Neto

Manage your customer relationships better with the Neto ecommerce platform.

With Neto, you can now store customer data, view their previous purchases, see what communication they have had with you, set account managers, and reward your customers – the possiblities are endless!

Take your customer relationship management to the next level

Teaming an ecommerce website with a CRM solution, you can manage your customers all while running your ecommerce business. If you are looking to have additional CRM funtionality, nurture your customers with your favourite customer relationship management (CRM) software

We integrate with multiple CRM solutions via Zapier.

Manage your customers

Without an effective customer relationship management system, building and maintaining customer relationships can be difficult.

Using the Neto platform alone or with your favourite CRM your business can now:

  • Create customer groups and customer specific pricing
  • Control account manager allocation
  • Allocate staff to accounts
  • Use a central messaging system
  • Create pre-defined replies to FAQs
  • Increase quoting functionality
  • Use a proposal management system
  • Have access to customer reports and customer behaviour tracking
  • Make informed descriptions with customer engagement metrics

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