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A editable content block that can be used site wide


[%content_zone id:'ZONEID'/%]


A content zone tag relies on having a content zone built in Neto's CMS with a matching id. This tag by default will automatically allow any content including HTML, so can be used as a way to user controlled content anywhere in your website, ebay templates & print documents.

What is a content zone?

A content zone is like a HTML include, but it is stored in the database. This is so that you can modify its content via the control panel. None of our themes utilise content zones by default, though they can be very handy if you want to insert a block of text or code anywhere on your site and want it to be editable in the control panel.

How do I setup a content zone?

You'll find the content_zone section via Content > Content Zones > Add new content zone. You'll be asked to choose a zone name / ID, which is used to determine the unique ID you'll load with the base tag above, then an internal description & the content. The internal description is just for control panel use, to let people know where any why your zone is used & any special conditions it may have and the content is what loads into the zone via the tag.

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