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Address Label

What is an Address Label?

Address/shipping labels are carrier-specific printable documents used to label packages for shipping.

Accessing Address Labels via FTP

All Address Labels are stored here on the file server: /private/www/netosuite/SysDoc/printdocs/order/addresslabel.

We recommend backing-up all print docs before making modifications.

How to determine which template a specific Services & Rates table is using

To determine which template your services & rates table uses, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Shipping > Shipping Matrix Overview
  2. Under each shipping method there is a Carrier / Labelling heading. This section contains information regarding the carrier.
  3. Under the Carrier / Labelling heading, there is some muted text. This is the name of the label template. For the example below, the label template would be called generic.template.html