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Note: We have updated our folder structure in Neto 6 and this has not been updated on all tweaks yet. More info.

Batch Job Email

What is the Batch Job email?

The Batch Job email is an email which contains errors that have occurred within your processes.

When does the Batch Job email send?

The Batch Job email sends each time one of your running processes has any sort of error occur.

How do I turn on/off the Batch Job email?

The Batch Job email is turned off by default. To switch it on you will need to:

  1. Navigate to: Content Email Templates Batch Job Emails Batch Job Error Notification Email
  2. Afterwards, you will need to ensure the To field is populated with your email address.

Accessing this template via SFTP

This template is stored here on the file server: /private/www/netosuite/SysDoc/emails/batch_job/error_notification/.

We recommend backing-up all emails before making modifications.