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How to Install Skeletal


Skeletal is the development theme for Neto. It is the base framework that contains all of our front-end features. Skeletal is built on Bootstrap 3 and needs to be installed on a Neto 5 system to work. We recommend that all themes/sites are built from Skeletal.

There are two ways to reinstall Skeletal:

  • If you want to update to the latest stable version of Skeletal, do so via the theme builder
  • If you want to update to the latest development version of Skeletal, or want to install a specific version of Skeletal, do this manually from Github.

How to install Skeletal via the theme builder

  1. Log into your Neto control panel.
  2. Navigate to Webstore Theme Editor
  3. Find the theme Skeletal
  4. Next to the Preview button there is an arrow () to indicate more options, from this dropdown select Reinstall
  5. You have now overwritten Skeletal with the latest in our theme library.

How to install Skeletal via FTP (from GitHub)

  1. Download the release you want to install from GitHub
  2. After you have unzipped the .zip or .tar.gz file, you need to upload the directories as outlined below:
    • Upload Skeletal-x.x.x/httpdocs/assets/themes/skeletal to /httpdocs/assets/themes/ on your Neto site.
    • Upload Skeletal-x.x.x/private/www/netosuite/Templates/skeletal to /private/www/netosuite/Templates/.
How to connect to Neto via FTP

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