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Category Banner

A full-width category banner, providing a way to visually identify the category.


  • Furniture & Homewares
  • Health & Beauty
  • Music & Instruments
  • Gifts
  • Jewellery & Accessories
  • Animal & Petcare
  • Events & Party Supples
  • Food & Beverages



Coding Instructions

The first step is to upload the test banner. The best practice is to use "alt image 1", as the main image is often used for links to category pages and generally used in a square ratio (not so much a banner).

Afterward, paste the following code where needed on the category page:

[%set [@has_categorybanner@]%][%asset_url type:'content' thumb:'alt_1' id:'[@content_id@]' /%][%/set%]
[%if [@has_categorybanner@]%]
 <p><img src="[%asset_url type:'content' thumb:'alt_1' id:'[@content_id@]' /%]" class="img-responsive"/></p>

The variable [@has_categorybanner@] ensures that if the asset doesn't exist, it clears the code entirely. Alternatively, this variable can be dropped and the default image can be used to show a default "empty image" such as:

 <p><img src="[%asset_url type:'content' thumb:'alt_1' id:'[@content_id@]' default:'/assets/themes/skeletal/no-category.jpg' /%]" class="img-responsive"/></p>

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