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Configure Best Offer

Best Offer is an option available for fixed price listings that allows buyers to make an offer to purchase the item at a price that they select. As a seller, you can accept, decline or counteroffer the Best Offer.

To configure Best Offer in Neto:

  1. From the Neto Dashboard navigate to eBay > Listing Rules Template.

  2. Select the template you wish to add Best Offer to by clicking the ID.

  3. Select the Field Mapping tab and check the Accept Best Offers? box.

  4. You will now have three fields to configure.

    Field Name Description
    Start Price The Buy It Now Price of the product.
    Best Offer Auto Accept Price This is the price that eBay will automatically accept the buyers offer. Must be lower than the Start Price.
    Minimum Best Offer Price Any offers lower will be automatically rejected. Must be lower than the Best Offer Auto Accept Price.

    It is strongly recommended that you base the Best Offer Auto Accept Price and Minimum Best Offer Price as a percentage of the Start Price. For example, in the screenshot below offers will be automatically accepted if they are within 10% of the start price, and rejected if they are 20% or lower than the start price.

  5. Once you ahve configured the fields, Save Template & Revise Active Listings.

Please Note: Any offers that are not automatically accepted or rejected will need to be actioned in eBay.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.8