Assign Listing Templates in Bulk

You can assign listing templates in bulk using the import system.

The only required fields in your CSV import file are:

  • SKU
  • Listing Template ID

When importing map SKU to the “SKU” field in the system and Listing Template ID to the “eBay Items List” field.

Once you completed the import, the products in your import file will be added to the eBay listing template specified and listed as per that templates rules and schedule.

The following additional fields can also be imported to the “eBay Items List” field as a pipe (|) delimited string. This is only required if you want to define eBay category or listing design template details on a per product basis rather than having this determined by the listing template.

  • Listing Template ID (your Neto List&Send eBay listing template ID)
  • Design Template ID (your Neto List&Send eBay listing template design ID)
  • eBay Category 1 (the primary eBay category ID)
  • eBay Category 2 (the secondary eBay category ID)
  • eBay Store Category 1 (your primary eBay store category ID)
  • eBay Store Category 2  (your secondary eBay store category ID)

Note: you must use eBay numeric IDs and not eBay category names.

Example import string:

[Listing Template ID]|[Design Template ID]|[eBay Category 1]|[eBay Category 2]|[eBay Store Category 1]|[eBay Store Category 2]

If you have each of the required fields in separate fields in your spreadsheet, you can combine them together into a string using the "Join to" feature in the field mapping section (see below for a sample mapping setup).


The end result after importing items in bulk will be eBay Listing Rule Tempates being listed under List to eBay section of a product card. 

Note that if you already had a listing template assigned to a SKU it will also be listed.