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Assign Listing Templates in Bulk

You can assign listing rules templates to products in bulk using the import system.

The only required fields in your CSV import file are:

  • SKU
  • Listing Rules Template ID

Tip: Use the simple export to generate a CSV file with your product SKUs.

The following additional fields can also be imported to the eBay Items List field as a pipe (|) delimited string. This is only required if you want to define eBay category or listing design template details on a per product basis, rather than having them determined by the listing rules template or category mapping. Either way, each field should end in a semicolon (;) to denote the end of the record.

  • Listing Template ID - your eBay listing rules template ID.
  • Design Template ID - your eBay listing template design ID
  • eBay Category 1 - the primary eBay category ID
  • eBay Category 2 - the secondary eBay category ID (incurs an additional charge)
  • eBay Store Category 1 - your primary eBay store category ID
  • eBay Store Category 2 - your secondary eBay store category ID

Please Note: You must use numeric IDs for the eBay category and eBay store categories, not eBay category names.

Once you have populated your CSV file with data you can begin the import process.

  1. From the Neto Dashboard navigate to Setup & Tools > Import Data.

  2. Select Perform Complex Import and then Start Data Import Wizard.

  3. Upload your file by selecting Choose File and browsing to it on your computer. When selected click Open, and then Continue To Next Step.

  4. Map your file by matching up the column names from your file, to Neto’s Database Field Names. To import listing information, map your template ID to the database field eBay Items List. The only other required field is the SKU. When complete, Continue To Next Step.

  5. Set the update options to Add New/Update Existing Products or Update Existing Products Only.

    It is also recommended to set the Advanced Update Option for eBay Items Update Options to Replace Existing Record.

    This means that if the product already has a rules template applied to it, a second won’t be added, instead the original will be removed first. Once set, Continue To Next Step.

  6. Check the box to save the configuration as a template to be used again, and enter an Import Template Name. Click Process File Now to queue the import for processing.

Alternative Import Mapping

[Listing Template ID]|[Design Template ID]|[eBay Category 1]|[eBay Category 2]|[eBay Store Category 1]|[eBay Store Category 2]

If you have each of the required fields in separate fields in your spreadsheet, you can combine them together into a string using the Join To feature in the field mapping to link different columns in your file together.

It also uses the Static Value function to insert the pipe (|) separators, and the semicolon (;) to indicate the end of the record.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.8