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eBay Token Generation

When you integrate your Neto account with eBay, an eBay token is generated. This token lasts approximately one year and enables Neto to access your eBay account. When this token expires, customers stop receiving ebay orders in Neto.

Important Note: It’s highly recommended to note the expiry date and set a diary reminder a day or two beforehand so you can renew the token without any interruption.

You can generate a new token at any time by following the instructions below.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, go to eBay > Setup & Tools.

  2. Click on Store Manager.

  3. Click into the eBay username you wish to update.
  4. Click on the Generate New eBay Token button. You will then be directed to the eBay site to login and authorise Neto to access your account. Once you have completed this step a new token will be automatically generated.

  5. Save Changes.

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