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Good Till Cancelled & Out of Stock

Good TIll Cancelled (GTC) listing type is renewed by eBay automatically every 30 days. Neto does not control this function, it occurs entirely on eBay’s end. It’s important

If you’re selling multiple identical items in a single fixed price listing (i.e. Qty > 1) with Good ‘Til Cancelled as the listing duration, you can select the out-of-stock option.

Please Note: Your eBay account must be subscribed to a store in able to list with the GTC duration.

  1. From the Neto Dashboard navigate to eBay > Setup & Tools.

  2. Select Store Manager.

  3. Click on your eBay Username.

  4. Set the Enable Out Of Stock Control drop down box to Yes.

When you enable the out-of-stock option:

  • All of your existing and future Good ‘Til Cancelled listings use the out-of-stock option until you disable the option.
  • When the quantity of the listing becomes 0, your listing stays active, but is hidden from search results. The quantity in the listing can become 0 either through buyer purchases or you can revise the listing and set the quantity to 0.
  • When you increase the quantity of items available, the listing will appear in search results again and reflect the new quantity.
  • If you change the duration of your listing to anything other than Good ‘Til Cancelled, the listing is no longer out-of-stock enabled and ends when the quantity becomes 0.
  • You can still end your Good ‘Til Cancelled listing yourself at any time.
  • Out of stock listings don’t count towards your seller limits, as long as it it out of stock for the entire month.
  • If a listing is out of stock for 3 months, eBay will automatically end the listing.

Using the out-of-stock option on your Good ‘Til Cancelled listings may help protect you from receiving a transaction defect for running out of stock.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.9