Instant eBay order downloads

Neto automatically downloads eBay transactions and orders into your control panel every 15 minutes. If you would prefer to have transactions and orders downloaded instantly you will need to setup your own eBay developer account and link this to your Neto account.

Step 1: Create a free eBay Developer Account

Go to: to create your free account.

Step 2: Add an Application Title and Create a keyset of Production keys

Step3: Be sure to note that the AppID, DevID and CertID are all required keys for you (they are unique for your account)

Step 4: Click on User Tokens (which is next to the AppID key)

Click the dropdown for ‘Get a Token from eBay via Your Application’ and click ‘Add eBay Redirect URL’

Step 5: Add your accepted/Declined URL which is to be pasted into the same field:

Please note that you will need to edit the above URL to match your webstore URL. If you are NOT using a URL, it is recommended to use your Neto Trial URL instead. (Eg. URL:

Save your eBay RuName (which is below the RuName title) and this is the third requirement

Step 6: Paste the corresponding keys into each field; Save Changes

This should prompt you to log into your eBay store account to ensure that the Instant Order Download token links with Neto.

If all keys are correct, the acceptance link should redirect you back into Neto with a success message.

  • Last Modified: 04/01/2017