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17 May, 2016 - New eBay Category Tree

eBay has recently updated their category structure. This category tree is not automatically updated in your account and as a consequence you may receive category related issues.


To update the eBay category tree in the system goto:

  1. eBay > Setup > Site Manager
  2. Tick the relevant eBay site
  3. Bottom of page click Download Latest eBay Site Data

The download request will be added to process queue.


Potential Issue After Update

After updating site data you may not be able to see the category that you want to list to under category mapping or on listing rules category sections.


Please go: eBay > Listing Rules Templates > top of page click More > Fix Outdated eBay Categories.


eBay announcement for the update: http://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/News/category-changes


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