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eBay active content templates

What is active content?

Active content is a broad term which covers any type of non-standard text that can be included in item descriptions, usually used to provide additional functionality such as cross promotion modules or videos. Examples of active content include JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins and form actions.

This type of content in eBay listings may prevent purchases on mobile devices and lead to possible security risks in the marketplace. eBay has announced plans that it will begin blocking the use of active content in all listings from winter 2017.

For a full breakdown of the changes and eBay’s recommendations, see their guide on replacing active content.

Does Neto work with eBay's new active content policy?

The new active content rules eBay is enforcing will not effect how Neto's automated listing functionality will operate but it does place limitations on functionality we can support in your eBay description theme templates. We have responded to this by releasing new free themes which comply with all the upcoming rules eBay will enforce. This will give you the option of migrating your listings to a theme which complies to these new rules in order to ensure that when the rules go live your listings are not removed.

What does "Not optimised for active content" mean?

If a listing template description is "not optimised for active content" this means that it includes elements which are considered active content which may flag your template for removal from eBay after the active content rules are introduced.

Are these templates final?

No, we have created the templates based on the specification published by eBay however these specifications are subject to change. As such, these templates are in a beta

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017