eBay Store Categories

It is beneficial before any eBay integration whether it is a new or an existing eBay store to determine what store categories you would like to have before linking them with our platform.

  1. Sign into ebay.com.au

  2. Navigate to My eBay > My eBay summary > Selling Manager Pro Summary > Hover over Account tab > Click Manage My store

  3. On left menu click Store Categories

  4. On right of page click the Add Category button and edit or add new categories

  5. Add your Categories as required.

After you are happy with how your eBay store categories look you will need to update Neto with the changes/additions.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, select eBay > Setup & tools

  2. On the eBay settings page, select Store Manager

  3. Select the eBay Username you would like to download the store categories for.

  4. Click the Download My eBay Store Categories button.

The process will go into a batch and depending on how many pending processes you have in queue it will process usually within the hour.

  • Last Modified: 03/01/2017 Neto Version: 6.6