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Advanced Setup Wizard

We recommended using the eBay Advanced Setup Wizard for those who want to define elements of the eBay integration such as listing rules templates, stock management, shipping & returns and accepting payments.

  1. Click eBay Advanced Setup Wizard.

  2. In the Default Listing Rules you will need to define the type of seller you are. This will create listing rules based on your business model. It doesn’t matter if you get this wrong, it can always been changed or updated later.
  3. Once complete, click the Next Step button.

  4. In the Inventory section, set your stock control settings as per the instructions. We recommend setting your Default Listing Duration to Good Till Cancelled as this will keep your ebay listing on. This will also mean your sales history will remain.
  5. Note: If you have a listing with no stock for more than 3 months, your listing will be cancelled.

  6. Select your Shipping & Returns policies. Once complete, click the Next Step button.

  7. Select the payment options for your customers to select in check out.
    Note: Paypal is required as a minimum so make sure this field is completed or you may have problems listing your products.
  8. Once complete, click Continue to Listing Design.

  9. Select if you wish to import your products and categories from eBay or to skip. In this example, we will select Option 1.

  10. Follow the steps and select how you would like to import your products and categories.

  11. Once complete, press Continue and when the popup appears, click Ok, Import My eBay Items & Create My Inventory

  12. This will take you to the completion page. Neto will now set your import request to the process queue, the time for this to complete will vary based on other processes in the queue and the amount of data to be imported from eBay.

Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.3

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