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Migrating your existing design template

There are 4 scenarios you may encounter when migrating your Custom Design Template to Neto:

Before you get started

Scenario 1

If the template has tags which pulls data into the description field, these tags will need to be converted to Neto’s own b@se tag language.

You can decide to have your designer to convert this or you can contact our design team to do this for you.

Once this is done, add this to your eBay design template.

  1. From the Neto Dashboard, select Ebay > Theme Editor.

  2. Click Install New eBay Design Template.

  3. Install Start From Scratch template.

  4. Name your template, click the HTML/CSS tab, paste your code and click Apply Changes to Start From Scratch.

Scenario 2

If the template is part of your description field and does not use tags to populate your data but you have a copy of the original descriptions.

In this scenario, you can upload the original descriptions to replace your current description field.

  1. From the Neto Dashboard, select Setup & tools > Export Data.

  2. Click Perform complex export > Start Data Export Wizard.

  3. In File Settings, select CSV and Name your file and move to Step 2.

  4. In the fields to Export, you want to export the SKU and the Description or Ebay Description (depending on what you selected when you did your original import. If unsure, select Ebay Description).

  5. Follow the remaining steps and then generate and download your file.

  6. Open up Microsoft Excel or an equivalent program and replace all your description fields with the original text or HTML based descriptions and save (don’t forget to keep the file as a comma-delimited CSV).

  7. Once complete, go back to the Neto Dashboard and navigate to Setup & tools > Import Data.

  8. Click Perform complex import and click Start Data Import Wizard

  9. Under Upload File click the Browse button and select your file. Once complete, continue to the next step.

  10. Map your fields to either Description or eBay Description (depending on what you chose earlier) and continue to the next step.

  11. In Update Options, select Update Existing Products Only. Once complete, follow the remaining steps and process the file.

Scenario 3

If the template is part of your description field and does not use tags to populate your data but you don’t have a copy of the original descriptions.

In this scenario, you can clean your data to separate your descriptions surrounding the template.

Follow the steps in Scenario 2. When you get to Step 6, you will need to manually fix the descriptions and remove the template coding. Because most people do not have time to do this, we do recommend getting a professional service to cleanse the data for you.

You can pay between $50-150USD to outsource this work for you on - a professional freelance site or you can contact our Professional Services Team to do this for you at our service rate.

To do this on Upwork, simply register for an client account and Post a job.

If you are using UpWork, we suggest using the following job template.

  • Choose a category and subcategory: Data Science & Analytics > Data Mining & Management
  • Name your job posting: Find and remove HTML on our CSV product sheet
  • Describe the work to be done:

    Need someone to tidy up X amount of products in our CSV product sheet. The description column currently has a design template wrapped around the description.
    What we need is for someone to delete the design template but keep the description and it’s HTML formatting in tact.
    Needs to be done within 3 days. Please write ‘Instructions understood’ at the start of your proposal to confirm you’ve read and understood the requirements.

  • Attach file: Add a sample amount of data, about 10 SKU’s for freelancers to look at.

  • What type of project do you have? One-time project
  • How many freelancers do you need to hire for this job? I want to hire one freelancer
  • Enter skills needed: Data Cleansing, Data Entry, HTML
  • How would you like to pay? Pay a fixed price
  • Budget: 50-150 USD - this is your choice, but if you have a lot of SKU’s, we recommend 150USD.
  • Desired Experience Level: Intermediate or Expert

Post your job and wait for freelancers to contact you.

Once the freelancer has provided you with the finished CSV, continue through the steps in Scenario 2 to update your descriptions.

Scenario 4

If the template is part of your description field and does not use tags to populate your data but you wish to continue using the same template.

In this scenario, you can turn off your listing design template so it doesn’t interfere with your current template.

  1. From the Neto Dashboard, select eBay > Listing rules templates.

  2. Select the listing rules template you wish to apply this to.

  3. Click on the Listing Design & Images tab.
  4. Under Design Template, select Do not use any design template.

  5. Click Save.

Last Modified: 17/08/2018 Neto Version: 6.3

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