Quick Setup Wizard

We recommended using the eBay Quick Setup Wizard as all mandatory eBay fields are pre-configured and optimised on your behalf. This will provide you with the quickest and easiest setup of your eBay store within Neto.

  1. Select the eBay Quick Setup Wizard.

  2. The Quick Setup Wizard outlines the settings that will be used to create your listing templates.

    Mandatory eBay Field Configurations

    To save time, we will use the following mandatory configurations when listing items to eBay:

    • eBay Titles will be listed using your current Product Name
    • eBay Price will be listed using your current Price A
    • eBay Listing Durations will be set to Goods Till Cancelled
    • eBay Condition will be set as Brand New

    Payment Options

    PayPal is required to list to eBay. Please enter your PayPal email address where you can accept payments.
    We highly recommend accepting immediate PayPal payments to help improve your eBay selling experience.

    Require immediate payment?

    If you list with a fixed price, you can require a buyer who clicks Buy It Now to pay you immediately using PayPal. If you require immediate payment, the item remains available for purchase until a buyer has completed a PayPal payment, or until the listing expires. The first buyer who clicks Buy It Now and completes their PayPal payment officially purchases your item.

    Shipping Options

    We have set up your shipping option to use free standard shipping and returns policy as: Returns accepted within 30 days by exchange with shipping to be paid by buyer.

    Products to List (Optional)

    You can assign SKUs to automatically list to eBay now. You will be able to edit the active listings after they are listed and add options such as a design template and category mapping. Note that this option is NOT for active listings but for products not yet on eBay.

    Option Action
    None This will not add any products or categories to the listing templates created by this wizard - Recommended
    All This will add all active products to the listing templates created by this wizard
    Add Products This option is now deprecated. We do not recommend using this option
    Add Categories This option is now deprecated. We do not recommend using this option
  3. We recommend selecting None as we will allocate Products and Categories in a seperate area within the eBay Listing Setup.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. This will create 2 eBay Listing Templates based on the settings outlined in the eBay Quick Setup Wizard:

    • A listing template for standard products
    • A listing template for variation products

Last Modified: 18/07/2018 Neto Version: 6.3

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