Pick, Pack and Dispatch Orders

To process an order from start to finish, simply follow the steps below. In this article, we’ll assume the customer has not paid for the item yet.

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Sales Orders > New.

  2. Click on the order number you want to process.

  3. The order card will open and your focus is highlighted below:

    a. The top right hand corner will tell you the status of the order.
    b. The shipping address. A common reason for orders to going on hold is because the customer has a main city listed in their ‘City’ field that doesn’t match the postcode. Eg. they have postcode 4101 and the city is listed as Brisbane instead of South Brisbane. This is because eBay does not have an address validation system.
    c. Ensure all the products for the order are listed.
    d. You will need to select the shipping method and click the circular arrow icon to calculate your internal shipping costs. If you are receiving an N/A next to the shipping method, try a different method. If you are receiving this for all your methods, you may need to reconfigure your shipping setup.
    e. Check the amount owed to ensure it’s paid before proceeding any further.
    f. You can manually add a payment here and choose the payment method if the customer is not paying by Paypal (which automatically populates the payment).
    g. Once you’ve completed this section of the order, click Pick. If you are processing a significant amount of orders regularly, you may want to consider Neto’s Pick’n Pack and Batch Order Processing add-ons.

  4. Pick your orders in the warehouse and click Save & Pack Orders.

  5. Once you’ve packed your order, scroll down the page to the shipping consignment section.

  6. Click Auto Generate Shipping Consignment.

  7. If you are connecting via a carrier API the tracking will automatically populate, otherwise manually enter your tracking number and click Save Changes.

  8. Print Shipping Consignments to print your label and then click Dispatch.

Note: Neto's automated processes will update the status on eBay usually within 30 minutes.

Last Modified: 18/07/2018

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