Promotion Manager

eBay has an inbuilt Promotions Manager to help you attract more customers to your eBay store.

This feature works within eBay and is separate from any promotion/marketing addon’s from Neto.

Promotion manager allows you to do the following -

  1. Give an order discount (eg. spend $100.00, get 20% off or buy 2 or more items and get 15% off)
  2. Give an accessory discount (eg. buy a camera and get 10% off all camera accessories)
  3. Create a sale event (creates a sales page on your ebay store promoting listings on markdown)
  4. Create a codeless voucher (Creates a unique URL for customers to get special discounts on eBay)

To access promotion manager within eBay, click here.

  • Last Modified: 19/10/2016 Neto Version: 6.3