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Troubleshooting Markdown Manager

Use this guide if you need to troubleshoot sales ending on Markdown Manager.

1. Ebay Setup Configurations
In Neto go to Ebay > Setup > Settings and ensure the following setting is unticked: Force update of description for items on sale.
This will prevent revisions from cancelling your sales on markdown manager (both scheduled and unscheduled).

2. Markdown Manager Rules
Changing the original item price, the shipping costs and some shipping services during a revision will end the promotional sale automatically. For an updated list of markdown manager rules at eBay, visit:

This is particularly important if you have feeds which change your pricing costs on a regular basis.

A good way to troubleshoot if this is causing an issue is to revise an active listing. If you receive a similar warning to the one below, it means your listing has violated the the markdown rules and the sale will end -

Warning 21917089: Revising bin price will end the promo sale on this item. (#32973)
Updated : lot_size, best_offer, private_listing, attr_prefill, extcontact, condition_id, start_price, soldoff_ebay, title, ebay_description, SKU, ebcat_id1, ebstcat_id1, itm_country, itm_city, gallery_type, photo_display, image_url, gallery_url, payment_methods, paypal_email, autopay, return_policy, shterms_in_desc, ship_to_locations, dispatch_time_max, shipping_details, item_specifics, appdata

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017